Why China Is Hated For Not Being Democratic

Richard Kenneth Eng
5 min readAug 17, 2022

How dare China become the greatest economic success story in human history by not being democratic! This is outrageous.

China’s success may give Western nations “ideas.” This is intolerable.

Western democracy is superior to China’s political model. Or so Westerners believe.

How China Did It

In 1978, Deng Xiaoping ushered in sweeping political reforms that completely and totally transformed China into a peaceful and benevolent nation. China gave the people unprecedented freedom. China gave the people unprecedented prosperity. China gave the people safety and stability and unity.

China gave the people peace. Since 1979, China has not fought a single war. This makes China the only world power in history to have been so peaceful for so long.

Today, the Chinese believe that their nation is the most democratic in the world! Read Latana’s Democracy Perception Index for 2022.

The Chinese give their government the highest level of trust, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer (91%) and a study by Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School (95.5%).

China’s Unique Democratic Model

China is not democratic in Western fashion. She doesn’t hold multiparty elections.

But China is democratic in receiving feedback from the people and responding to the feedback effectively. China has 8 political parties in government that serve in a consultative role. China has freely-elected local representatives.

China’s government must constantly earn its legitimacy to rule. It does not seek power for its own sake.

China’s democracy is based on meritocracy. Only capable officials with proven records can rise in government.

How China Protected The People From COVID-19

The government employed smart mitigation policies. The people cooperated by putting great trust in their government.

  • Wearing masks.
  • Socially distancing.
  • Staying home as necessary.
  • Allowing tracing and tracking.
  • Getting vaccinated.

Consequently, China has the lowest number of infection cases and the lowest death toll of all the major economies.

As of 10:30 am, August 17, 2022 (from Worldometer)…

Total Cases:

Total Deaths:

At end of day, New Cases for major economies were through the roof, except for China:

How China Saved Hong Kong and Xinjiang

In 2019, Hong Kong was ravaged by violent protests, protests that were supported by external actors. By enacting the much-needed national security law, the violent protesters fled Hong Kong and the city was restored to peacefulness. Hong Kong didn’t lose an ounce of its autonomy.

For decades, Xinjiang was ravaged by terrorist violence. Through a deradicalization program (providing vocational training), the Uyghurs no longer had any reason to rebel against the government. Life in Xinjiang is now peaceful and prosperous.

This is easy to see by visiting Xinjiang, as millions of foreign tourists do every year. In fact, Xinjiang and Hong Kong and China in general are popular tourist destinations.

How China Is Helping The World

China is helping countries in the Global South, as well as in Europe, build their infrastructure through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

China is helping countries in the Global South vaccinate their population as the rich Western nations abandoned them through vaccine hoarding. As of today, less than 20% of low income countries are fully vaccinated.

China is pursuing diplomacy throughout the Middle East rather than bombing the hell out of the region. Recently, she signed a 25-year cooperation deal with Iran.

China is negotiating with the Taliban instead of invading and occupying Afghanistan for 20 years.

China is inviting all nations to participate in her space station program, including the United States. Recall that USA banned China from the ISS.

China is forging economic and security alliances in BRI, BRICS, RCEP, SCO, etc. China is uniting the world rather than dividing it.

Why China Won’t Choose Democracy

China has seen Western democracy in action and is not impressed. China tried democracy back in 1912 and it didn’t turn out well.

China saw Russia try democracy after the fall of the Soviet Union and it didn’t turn out well, either.

China saw how well India’s economy performed since becoming an independent democracy in 1947. Today, China’s economy is 5.6X larger by nominal GDP and 2.6X larger by purchasing power parity (IMF estimates for 2022). By rights, India’s economy should match or exceed China’s!

China sees the political chaos in the United States. China sees the political chaos in Britain and Taiwan and Brazil and Hungary and Turkey.

China sees only risk in adopting Western democracy. China has nothing to gain. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”