Your title says “That Are Declining in Usage” but here you say “that are hated by millions”. That’s a major disconnect. Declining interest does not translate into hate.

Moreover, some of these language are absolutely not hated. Erlang is not hated. Lua is not hated. I’m not even sure CoffeeScript is hated; it simply outlived its usefulness.

There are many declining languages. And some are declining faster than anything on your list.

There are many hated languages, surely much more hated than Objective-C and Perl. Take JavaScript, for example. Sure, it’s immensely popular for front-end development but there are legions of programmers who utterly hate the shit out of this language. JavaScript is clearly one of the Top 3 most despised programming languages on the planet.

COBOL is another. MUMPS is another. PHP is another.

You need to rethink and reorganize this article.

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