You’ve got it backwards. Being ill-suited for large-scale software development isn’t what makes JavaScript dysfunctional. It’s all the warts and gotchas that I mentioned…loose typing, inconsistent semantics, lack of integer type, just to name a few. I didn’t list all the warts–it’s too long. You can search the web for full lists.

These warts impose an added cognitive burden on the programmer. That’s the problem. You say Java and C# have their problems, too. Yes, of course, they do. ALL programming languages have warts, since no language is perfect. But my point is that JavaScript’s problems are in your face; you’re much more likely to trip over them. Java’s warts are mostly “edge” cases that you probably won’t run into. My brother and I have programmed in Java, so we know.

“I’m pretty sure that JS will continue to get better…”

Really? What are ECMA doing to improve the language? They’re adding features. They’re NOT fixing what’s really wrong with the language, because they can’t, not without breaking the web.

“…people just want to create software as quickly and efficiently as possible…”

Of course, they do. I do, too. That’s why I use Smalltalk, one of the best programming languages I’ve ever used. Highly productive. Fun and easy to use. The language remarkably gets out of your way so you can focus on writing the application. It’s even available for the web browser!

I mention Smalltalk as one of many alternatives that are superior to JavaScript. I still don’t see the value of directly programming in JS.

I can’t speak to Facebook, PayPal, and Walmart. I don’t know how big their JS software is. I don’t know what kinds of maintenance issues they may have with their JS code bases. Is their software reliable? For all I know–for all you know–they may be fighting tons of bugs. Bugs that are attributable to an awful language. These companies certainly won’t tell you (for competitive reasons).

Colour me skeptical. However, if you can prove me wrong, I’m all ears…

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