You need to understand the purpose and intent of JavaScript Non Grata. It is my attempt to warn the IT community about what I perceive are the dangers of using JavaScript. For me, this is a public service or civic duty, an act of conscience. I get nothing out of it; it’s no skin off my nose. But I care about the IT industry I love so much and I believe I must do this.

JavaScript is a terribly dysfunctional programming language, despite its popularity. Most people who learn it and use it will develop bad habits. Already, JS proponents like Eric Elliott have lamented on the quality of JS programmers today. The fact is, most of them simply don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing!

A great many in the IT community have drunk the Kool-Aid and I’m trying to get them to sober up. Just because some have learned to use it well doesn’t make JavaScript a good language. Just because you get a high from it doesn’t mean you should continue smoking it.

As an introduction to programming, JavaScript is a horrible instructional language. I spoke of bad habits. JS has so many weird shortcomings, so many “warts” that newcomers will easily run into trouble. Jeff Walker called JavaScript a “minefield”; be extremely careful where you step!

…all the while feeling they have chosen a language that they can grow with.

This is an ill-informed feeling. You cannot grow with this language. Outside of the web browser (and Node), JavaScript is not gaining traction. Despite its incursions into mobile, games and graphics, IoT, desktop, etc., JavaScript is very limited in its usefulness because there are so many other better and more established competitors. In the web browser, there are none.

For example, JavaScript is touted as great for game development using Unity (and UnityScript, a JavaScript derivative). However, most in the Unity community prefer C# because it’s a more sane language. Anyone who uses UnityScript is asking for trouble.

In the IoT, JS is up against C and Python and even Perl. I can’t imagine anyone stupid enough to choose JS over C and Python. Embedded software is one of C’s greatest applications.

For mobile, JS is going nowhere because the mobile development community overwhelming prefers Java (Android) and Objective-C/Swift (iOS). Even Python (with Kivy) or C# (with Xamarin) would be more preferable.

So, no, JavaScript is not the path to a healthy IT career, I’m sorry to say. Eventually, you will hit a dead end because the web browser won’t always be our one and only portal to the Internet. At the very least, it will become less vital as other methods of access arise. Already, we have mobile apps and IoT devices that don’t use browser technology. Once it’s replaced, HTML and CSS will go away, JavaScript and the DOM will go away, Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, Backbone, Knockout, Express, etc., will all go away.

Even Node will go away because Go language is the future.



Mr. Smalltalk:

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