You need to lighten up. I was applying a bit of humour to my writing, which otherwise could come across as somewhat dry. The colourful header image was intended to attract readership. This is standard “marketing” practice when it comes to journalism. A catchy title and an eye-catching header go a long way to bringing in readers. The reference to “super” surrogates for JavaScript tied to the JS-diss (Justice, get it?) League of America is rather cute…cute enough that the article received several Recommends, as well as Likes on social media.

“Childish cartoon imagery?” I thought the header image was a gorgeous piece of artwork by “JPRart” at DeviantArt. But I guess everybody’s an art critic these days. Art is a matter of taste.

However, I will agree with you that the subject of JavaScript’s faults and the need for alternative languages is a serious theme. If a bit of levity can help get the message out there, then I’m perfectly okay with that.

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