You make it sound like every web app (either client side or server side) in the world has to satisfy the stringent performance goals that you cite. That simply is not true. I agree that if you’re in a situation where such performance metrics are crucial, then JavaScript is probably the best choice (and that’s not a given, since some transpiled solutions generate excellent JS). For all other situations, transpiled languages are perfectly fine, as demonstrated by the fact that there are many non-JS web apps in production around the world. With the vast number of transpiled languages that are currently in use, it’s clear that highly optimized performance is not on the minds of most developers. Otherwise, Java/C#/Python/Ruby/Scala solutions would all be in the dumpster by now. How the hell can they compete with JavaScript?

You’re deluding yourself if you believe that JavaScript will replace all those languages for web development and gain a monopoly position.

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