You make it sound like anybody can program. That is patently untrue. The failure rate in CS courses is usually over 50 per cent. Many people find it difficult and readily quit. They either lack the aptitude or they lack the motivation to push through the difficulties. Programming is about applying logic and reason to solving technical problems and even if you can solve simple problems, you may choke on more complex ones. Bottom line is, programming is hard. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either a fool or a charlatan.

Learning to program is nothing like learning to write, or learning arithmetic, or learning to plumb. The software you write may well have many bugs or defects, and you won’t know without thorough testing or peer code review. Writing bad software is worse than writing no software. Bad software can cause enormous problems for people. You make important decisions based on the outcome of your software. In critical situations, such as self-driving cars, a mistake can cost lives. Badly written investment software can cost you your life savings.

It’s easy to be a bad or mediocre programmer. It’s very challenging to be a competent one. Becoming a mediocre programmer has little value to yourself or others. Please remember, software engineering is a profession. Treat it as such.

(Imagine learning just enough law or medicine or electrical engineering to be dangerous.)

I don’t want to discourage people from entering the IT field. If programming is really something you want to do, you should try it. You may fail, but that’s true of any human endeavour.

But programming is not for everybody, and all of these bootcamps are misleading the public into believing that anybody can, and should, “learn to code.”

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