Have you ever thought why many smart developers (smarter than you and me) choose Javascript as their language?

Yes, I have. And I think they’re deluding themselves. Smart developers are also human beings, and human beings are vulnerable to fooling themselves. Human beings are incredibly good at rationalizations.

And, by the way, why do you think they’re smarter than me? What do you know about me that leads you to believe I’m not as smart as they are?

You keep saying that Javascript is evil, the worst thing in the world etc… but what makes you better than any other developer who CHOOSE to work with Javascript?

Nothing. I’m expressing my own opinions about JavaScript and hoping I can convince people to recognize what a shit language it is. I do this for the love of the programming profession for which I’ve devoted my life. I do this out of altruism because, frankly, I have better things to do with my time.

Are all Javascript developers a bunch of arrogant idiots who pick Javascript because of the hype?

No, most JavaScript developers pick JavaScript because they have no choice. It’s the only language native to the web browser.

However, JavaScript developers who have grown to love the language are, in fact, arrogant idiots. They’re victims of the Stockholm syndrome. They’ve been held hostage by this shit language for so long that they can’t see straight anymore. Think Patty Hearst.

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