Work Products for the JRM Programming Competition

In pursuing this competition, I have to perform numerous tasks in support of the goal:

  1. Raise funding for the competition (through GoFundMe). It ain’t cheap. I have to fund the scholarship prizes. I have to fund promotional swag (T-shirts). I have to fund advertising for the competition (flyers, mailings, etc.). I have to fund the server infrastructure to run the competition website. I have to hire people to run the competition.
  2. Promote the funding campaign. I wrote a web page for this purpose.
  3. Develop and deploy a web application for the competition website.
  4. Create a promo video. [A]
  5. Design an advertising flyer. [B]
  6. Design the T-shirts. [C]
  7. Design a logo for the Smalltalk language. [D]



Image for post


Main design:

Image for post

Alternate design:

Image for post



Image for post

32x32 logo:

Image for post

64x64 logo:

Image for post

Even if the competition fails to proceed, all of these work products are worthy of historical record.

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