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Without career opportunities, why should I learn Smalltalk?

Good question. You can ask the same about Golang (126), Haskell (35), Groovy (78), Clojure (78), Lua (56), F# (18), Erlang (55), Dart, Rust (11), Scheme, OCaml (9), Elixir (21), Julia (21), Kotlin (4), D, Haxe, TypeScript (43), Elm. (The numbers are of job postings from for the San Francisco Bay Area on January 21, 2017.)

Since there are many more job postings for Java (4663), Python (4143), JavaScript (3012), C++ (1782), C# (838), .NET (1505), Ruby (1815), PHP (1450), Perl (974), Objective-C (1562), Scala (707), Swift (399), it makes no sense whatsoever to use any other programming languages.

Forget the fact that there are many ardent fans of Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Dart, Rust, Julia, Kotlin, Elm, and Smalltalk. These languages are not worth considering because youse gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

So let’s all go mercantile and just stick to the “mainstream” programming languages. Why the hell are we wasting our time with anything else?


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