Why the West Hates China

Richard Kenneth Eng
2 min readFeb 7, 2024


There are five main reasons:

  1. Ignorance and Xenophobia. Haters have never been to China to see what the country is like. They can’t understand Chinese society.
  2. Lies and Propaganda. Western media and governments lie to them about China. Their objective is to smear China’s reputation and thus slow down China’s rise.
  3. Fear and Paranoia. Haters fear losing their global hegemony to China. They’ve been king of the hill for 500 years and this is about to change.
  4. Bigotry and Racism. Haters believe that China is a Communist dictatorship. They think China is out to conquer the world. They think the Chinese have no freedom. They think the Chinese are vermin.
  5. Jealousy and Insecurity. China shines brightly and the West appears to be in decline. This is psychologically unsettling; it hurts their ego and sense of identity. How can the Chinese surpass the West??? This makes no sense.

If you hate China, which of the above categories do you fall under? Please leave your answer in the comments.

Haters think China’s economy is much smaller than is claimed by economists. They think China lies about its economic data.

Haters think China’s military is a paper tiger. They think China can be easily defeated.

Haters think China’s technology leadership is based on IP theft. They think the Chinese cannot innovate.

Haters think China is a backward nation. They think all the positive videos of China show a “Potemkin village.” China is still a shithole country.

Haters are unable to understand China’s system of governance. They think democracy can only come from multiparty elections. They think their democratic system is superior to China’s.

This explains why:

  • China has hundreds of beautiful, clean, safe, modern, gleaming cities.
  • China has fabulous high-speed rail, subways, airports, bridges, etc.
  • China has no homelessness and no crime and no gun violence and no drug addiction to speak of.
  • China had, by far, the lowest per capita Covid death rate among all the major economies.
  • The IMF forecasts strong GDP growth for China relative to all the advanced economies. The US can only eke out a modest 2.1 percent.