Why I won’t vote in the Canadian snap election just called

Every Canadian politician is an ignorant bigot.

Every Canadian politician supported the illegal abduction of Meng Wanzhou.

Every Canadian politician supported the anti-China propaganda nonsense about Uyghur genocide, Uyghur forced labour, and Uyghur concentration camps.

By these actions, Canada destroyed our long-standing good relationship with China for no reason at all.

There is no good choice among any of the political parties in Canada. So I will sit out this election.

For the past two years, I’ve been ashamed to call myself Canadian.

The extradition narrative was a facade, a sham, used to obscure the fact that the US was persecuting Huawei, and by extension, China. Everyone on earth who hasn’t been bamboozled by the media and our government knows this.

Meng Wanzhou was illegally detained. Her rights were violated by the CBSA, RCMP, and FBI (behind the scenes). Canadian courts refused to allow exculpatory evidence to be entered. Canada’s court is essentially a kangaroo court.

Everyone keeps saying that Kovrig and Spavor were “arbitrarily” detained. So was Meng Wanzhou!

There is nothing more arbitrary than arresting someone on bogus charges trumped up by the American government. There is nothing more arbitrary than Canada yielding to this despicable act because Canada fears offending its largest trading partner.

The Meng Wanzhou affair is simply a repeat of the 2013 arbitrary detention of Alstom executive Frederic Pierucci. Honest intellectuals should review his story: https://www.amazon.ca/American-Trap-Americas-economic-against/dp/1529326869.

Canada was shamelessly used by the Americans. Our government doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to this nonsense.

What is Canada’s next move? Simple…

* grow a spine

* recognize that we were used

* act honourably by releasing Meng Wanzhou — Canada’s government unquestionably has this power

* diplomatically negotiate with China for the release of the two Michaels on a good faith basis — our ambassador should express a fervent desire to restore Canada-China relations

I have no diplomatic nor geopolitical experience and expertise, and even I know this is the right thing to do.