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Why I won’t join the Medium Partner Program

I want people to read my publications. I don’t want to throw up any hurdles or barriers to that end.

Would I like to get paid for my writings? Sure, of course. But not at the cost of diminishing my potential audience.

My guess is that 90% of visitors to Medium will not pay to see my content. Personally, I won’t pay to see someone else’s content, so I understand where these people are coming from.

A paywall is a bad idea for any writer, especially if they want to maximize their reach. As a Smalltalk evangelist, I most definitely want the entire world to read my stuff. That won’t happen if I charge people money for it.

Read “Programming Language Review: Smalltalk.”

Read “Python vs Pharo.”

Read “My Keynote at the Salta Conference.”

Read “The Consequences of Learning OOP the Wrong Way.”

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