Why China Is Hated For Not Being Democratic

How China Did It

In 1978, Deng Xiaoping ushered in sweeping political reforms that completely and totally transformed China into a peaceful and benevolent nation. China gave the people unprecedented freedom. China gave the people unprecedented prosperity. China gave the people safety and stability and unity.

China’s Unique Democratic Model

China is not democratic in Western fashion. She doesn’t hold multiparty elections.

How China Protected The People From COVID-19

The government employed smart mitigation policies. The people cooperated by putting great trust in their government.

  • Wearing masks.
  • Socially distancing.
  • Staying home as necessary.
  • Allowing tracing and tracking.
  • Getting vaccinated.

How China Saved Hong Kong and Xinjiang

In 2019, Hong Kong was ravaged by violent protests, protests that were supported by external actors. By enacting the much-needed national security law, the violent protesters fled Hong Kong and the city was restored to peacefulness. Hong Kong didn’t lose an ounce of its autonomy.

How China Is Helping The World

China is helping countries in the Global South, as well as in Europe, build their infrastructure through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Why China Won’t Choose Democracy

China has seen Western democracy in action and is not impressed. China tried democracy back in 1912 and it didn’t turn out well.



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