I do like Smalltalk, anyway I think it will not be gain that much in popularity.

Which is exactly why Smalltalk needs an evangelist: yours truly!

IMHO there is no real area where Smalltalk is so superior…

There isn’t one for Python, either. Python is popular mainly because of its simplicity and friendliness…the same qualities as in Smalltalk!

There isn’t one for Haskell, either. Its main claim to fame is as a pure FP language. Smalltalk’s main claim to fame is as a pure OOP language. In fact, Smalltalk is the finest OOP language ever created, bar none. No one disputes this!

Ruby is best-known for Rails but is otherwise not a strong language.

Smalltalk is not but one language but a whole family of languages.

It’s true, which is why I focus on promoting Pharo. It’s the most actively developed Smalltalk with the best hope of becoming the de facto standard (in the same way that Ubuntu is the de facto standard in the highly-fragmented Linux world).

If I can get the Smalltalk community to rally around Pharo, that will solve the libraries issue. We need to grow the Pharo ecosystem so that it can compete with Python and JavaScript.

And, by the way, Smalltalk doesn’t have to do well against the major languages. If it can compete with Haskell and Clojure and Erlang/Elixir, I will be very happy.

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