When I first tried Django, it just felt I needed to do too much configuration upfront to get started. Then I tried web2py and fell in love! Web2py works perfectly right out of the box. Batteries are included! I don’t need to add anything to it; I don’t need to configure anything.

And I love the Admin functionality, which makes things especially easy for me.

At the same time, web2py is quite flexible and powerful. Django fans will claim that it’s more flexible than web2py. That’s a matter of opinion and one that I do not share. YMMV.

Yes, I would recommend Smalltalk/Seaside for web development, but obviously it’s not the only good choice available. Tools like Smalltalk, Clojure, and Elixir necessarily have less support and smaller ecosystems than Python and Ruby, which are hugely popular. If this doesn’t bother you, than any of those could work for you.

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