Well, this tutorial isn’t necessarily for NOOBs. Note the preceding sentence, “Our first Teapot application will be a fairly extensive login management front end.”

This is a substantial and nontrivial application intended for people who are already familiar with Pharo. I could’ve chosen a much simpler application, but then you wouldn’t learn very much at all. This application has a lot of meat to it, and you will learn a lot. That makes it quite useful, which was my aim.

Consider this: If you were to write a tutorial for the same application in, say, Python using Django, or JavaScript using Angular and Node, or Ruby using Rails, would it be any more NOOB-friendly? Of course not.

Any application worth doing requires work. It requires commitment. Nobody is going to hand you such an application on a silver platter.

If a NOOB never pushes themselves beyond the basics, they will never advance beyond being a NOOB.

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