Well, suitability for software engineering was the principal thesis of the original article, and Brook Monroe was responding to that article. My point was that as long as JS was sequestered to web programming on a modest scale, I didn’t have a problem with that. But with JS metastasizing into nearly every corner of IT, including enterprise, desktop, mobile, graphics, video games, etc., I felt I had to sound the warning bell.

This is not schoolyard posturing. I’m not doing this because I have skin in the game; I gain nothing from it. I’m trying to help the IT industry out of the goodness of my heart, based on a very long and varied IT career. I have better things to do with my time.

I firmly believe JS is a dangerous language to use, esp. for large-scale development. This isn’t about personal preference. I do not espouse OOP over FP, nor dynamic over static, nor class-based over prototypal, nor memory safety over pointers, nor comprehensive (C++, Scala) over clean and simple (Smalltalk, Go). My argument is about how deeply flawed JavaScript is, not that there is a perfect programming language anywhere.

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