Well, saying “[Smalltalk] has virtually no industry or practical usage” is a huge falsehood that sounds very disparaging.

I clearly demonstrated that it has lots of industry/practical usage. Compared to Java and Python, this usage is relatively tiny, but it is hardly insignificant. I have personal friends who make their living using Smalltalk professionally.

I’ll tell you what languages have insignificant commercial usage: Common Lisp, Scheme/Racket, D, Haxe, F#. I have no friends who use any of these languages (I live in Toronto, Canada).

I’m not trying to convince you that Go is flawless. In fact, I have NEVER claimed that Go is flawless.

What I have said is that Go makes carefully chosen engineering trade-offs in order to achieve its design objectives. Obviously, some people disagree with these trade-offs. They may even disagree with the design objectives!

Language design is an art, not a science. Art cannot appeal to everyone.

Go’s design appeals to me. What can I say?

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