Well, PayPal certainly paints a pretty picture. I’m more interested in what is unsaid. How big are these applications? 20k LOC each? 50k? 100k? The larger the application, the more challenging it is to maintain, to ensure its reliability.

How reliable are these applications? Will they tell us how much downtime they experienced in the course of a year, for example?

And most importantly, if these applications are truly big, how much difficulty have they had in maintaining their code base? How costly? Understandably, for competitive reasons they may not want to reveal the answers.

Finally, PayPal is only one data point. It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that you absolutely cannot write a large, well-maintained application in JavaScript. Other enterprises may tell different stories. This is all about risk. Are you willing to assume the risk of failure when you embark on a large, mission-critical enterprise application?

I’ve been an IT professional for over 30 years. I know something about what makes for good software engineering. Having good, solid tools is a prerequisite. I would not take the risk of using a language like JavaScript.

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