Well, I’ve used both Vim and Emacs, too, and I disagree with you. Obviously, this is a matter of individual experience and preference. Some people will agree with me; some will agree with you. So what?

I had no problem writing a basic Morphic app (my first!) for this programming tutorial that I published just a few weeks ago. It doesn’t mean you’re an idiot; it just means that the Smalltalk way doesn’t fit your mentality, and that’s perfectly okay. Again, it’s a matter of individual experience and preference.

By the way, that same tutorial Morphic app focusses on using FFI. It works like a charm. There’s nothing wrong with Smalltalk’s FFI. I somehow doubt that Common Lisp’s is that much better.

Common Lisp may have macros but there’s nothing limited about Smalltalk’s expressivity. Alan Lovejoy explains the power of Smalltalk very eloquently here.

You’re right, I don’t know Common Lisp. I based my article on the opinions of other people who are knowledgeable. Here is one comment that confirms what I wrote. Of course, I understand that every language will have its opinionated users. You’ve presented your opinion here. So I shall let my readers decide on the conclusion.

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