Well, it’s actually two paragraphs of suggestions, but your point is taken. ;-)

Look, how else could you expand on those two paragraphs? Ultimately, it is up to ECMA’s TC39 committee to review proposed changes to the language and to decide which ones to accept. I could propose changes, but I’m hardly a JS expert. I leave that to more knowledgeable JS devs. Somebody has to take responsibility to overhaul the language’s semantics as they remove JavaScript’s numerous “warts” and flaws.

Regarding the “marketing” plan, the details would need to be hammered out in the context of the language’s changes and future direction. There’s not much more one can say about it at this point in time. Nevertheless, the overarching point is that this is doable. Everyone needs to understand this.

The question is, why isn’t it being done?

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