Well, first of all, I’m not an Eiffel advocate, I’m a Smalltalk advocate. Why should I focus on Eiffel?

Second, Eiffel stands much less chance of future success than Smalltalk (Pharo) does. I’d rather back a potential winner.

Third, Eiffel’s static typing robs it of one of Smalltalk’s most important qualities: flexibility and agility. Flexibility is also why Python and Ruby, and even PHP and JavaScript, are enormously popular languages.

Fourth, Smalltalk still beats Eiffel in every other respect. There’s no question that Smalltalk is much simpler and easier to learn than Eiffel. Smalltalk’s live coding capability is an enormous advantage. Smalltalk’s image-based approach is very useful. Smalltalk is fully reflective and very good at metaprogramming.

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