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A month ago, I launched this GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a national programming competition to raise awareness for the Smalltalk programming language.

So far, we’ve raised C$3,080 from 25 generous contributors, which is a great start. But we still have a long way to go to reach the funding goal of C$20,000.

Please consider contributing. It’s a most worthy cause.

Please spread the word about this GoFundMe campaign on social media. Please make use of your email contacts. Please begin some water cooler conversations about the competition. Let’s get people talking. Let’s reach out to as many Smalltalk fans as we can. A mere 800 people giving C$20 each will make this happen!

Smalltalk is the greatest programming language in the world. I’ve hammered away with this message for the last four years. The latest in a long line of advocacy articles is Introduction to the Smalltalk Programming Language.

The competition is essentially ready to go. It’s awaiting full funding. Here are the preparations. First, a promo video (which will be finalized without the Powtoon branding):

Second, a promotional flyer:

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Third, the information page for the competition: It will be updated once the competition is a go.

Fourth, T-shirt designs for the contest participants. Main design:

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Alternate design:

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Fifth, the competition website for participants to submit their solutions and track their results:

The public can also view the results and cheer for their favourite teams.

Everything is lined up, ready to go. We just need your help.

Again, the GoFundMe campaign is here:

Thank you so much for reading. And good programming.

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