Very true. There are far too many languages and far too many JS frameworks. However, we can focus on the more popular languages that are unlikely to disappear. Good, solid languages that are conducive to proper software engineering. JavaScript does not fit that description in any sense.

Pragmatism is not only about ease of staffing. It’s not only about the availability of libraries and frameworks. Pragmatism is also about productivity (the velocity of development which affects “time to market”). And the maintainability of your code base. And software quality and reliability. The last three were the principal drivers behind the creation of the Go language at Google. They needed to solve real-world problems of software engineering at scale. They needed to address the fact that in every large development team, there are programmers of varying skill levels; not everybody can be a guru. Go has worked out spectacularly for them, and for other enterprises that face similar issues. This is why Go has recently skyrocketed in popularity. The Go language is pragmatism incarnate.

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