Unfortunately, these bootcamps are only creating web developers who know only one language: JavaScript. The only thing they know how to do is write front-end web applications and maybe Node.

The IT industry is so much more than just web development. Where will the future Java/Python/C++/Go/Swift developers come from? Who will work on the A.I., robotics, Big Data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile, desktop, game, numerical computing, virtual reality, etc., applications?

Moreover, since JavaScript is such a retarded instructional language, these bootcamp graduates will learn the worst programming habits, which won’t carry over very well to grown-up languages like Java, Python, C++ and Go. There’s a good reason why smart developers stay clear of JavaScript in the aforementioned areas of IT, esp. in IoT, games, desktop, mobile, robotics. Where developers have language choice, they will always choose the better languages.

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