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Today is the First Anniversary of Smalltalk Renaissance

Today is also my birthday. It’s no coincidence.

Today marks the end of my Smalltalk Renaissance campaign. I’ve done all I can and it’s time for someone else to take over the mantle of Smalltalk advocacy.

It has been a very busy year for me. Being Campaign Director for Smalltalk Renaissance was more than a full-time job. It consumed an enormous proportion of my time (and by “time,” I mean each and every 24-hour day of the year). And, yes, I even took it to bed and fell asleep to it.

I wrote and published a large number of Smalltalk advocacy articles at Medium (Smalltalk Talk). I promoted these articles at Reddit, and spent countless hours responding to critical comments.

I tried to launch a Smalltalk competition and obtain funding through Kickstarter. I prepared a great deal of promotional materials for the competition, including videos and websites. I worked closely with David Buck of Simberon. Ultimately, I failed to get the necessary funding and the Canadian Smalltalk Competition could not proceed, which was literally heartbreaking.

I spent many, many hours in social media beating the Smalltalk drum. I contacted government and secondary schools. I wrote many letters to the CEOs of major tech companies trying to solicit their support.

Through all my sweat and tears, my heart was never daunted. I believed in Smalltalk (and Pharo), and I still do.

There is one more Medium article in the pipeline — awaiting the release of Redline Smalltalk next year (hopefully). Beyond that, I shall drop in from time to time to see what’s happening with Smalltalk advocacy. My fervent hope is that someone will continue the work I started.

I leave everyone with one final message:

Make no mistake — Smalltalk is not going away. It is not in danger of vanishing from the programming scene. Smalltalk has maintained a successful niche for over 35 years and this niche continues to grow, thanks to the advent of Pharo. Our discussion here is not about Smalltalk’s survival, but about passing on its benefits to the rest of the world. It is purely a philanthropic goal. There is no other agenda, hidden or otherwise. We just want to make the creation of software more humane, more inspired, more accessible, more economical, more fun…for everyone on the planet. It’s the least we deserve.

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