This just goes to show that you can do programming on ANY computer. I just finished a Smalltalk program for my Smalltalk tutorial on the Raspberry Pi, which essentially has a mobile processor. So using a mobile phone is no different…except in one respect…

When you’re on the road with a mobile phone, you’re not using a physical keyboard and mouse. Typing and navigating around the small screen is a PITA. I can type about a hundred times faster than I can on a virtual keyboard. And I can use a mouse with much greater precision and reliability than I can with my stubby finger on a touchscreen.

Also, I’m more efficient when I have plenty of screen real estate to work on. My Raspberry Pi is connected to a 27" high-res monitor and this is truly a blessing. I couldn’t adapt comfortably to the 5.5" screen on my OnePlus One.

Thus, using a mobile phone for programming would never be my first choice. It would be a last resort.

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