This isn’t mythicizing. It’s stating a general truth in any area of human endeavour. If you’re going to be good at, say, music or mathematics or chess or tennis, you need to have the aptitude for it, and you need to have sufficient motivation (passion) to work hard at it. This is why the failure rate in CS courses is more than 50 per cent. Many people find it difficult and readily quit. They lack the motivation to push through the difficulties.

It’s a common truth that most people hate math. Most don’t have the aptitude for it. Math is the application of logic and reason to solve a technical problem. Does that sound like programming to you? It’s the same kind of mental process, the same kind of challenge.

If you’re saying that anybody can be, at the very least, a mediocre programmer, then I agree with you totally. It doesn’t require a particular aptitude nor any passion. Anybody can be a mediocre musician, or a mediocre chess player, or a mediocre tennis player. (I’ve tried to learn to play a musical instrument three times and I’ve failed every time. But I’m a very good programmer.)

Nobody is going to hire a mediocre anything, so why would you encourage people to study something that they won’t excel at?

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Programming is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool or a charlatan.

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