This is your opinion and perception only, not shared by everyone. Like I said, many people have expressed appreciation for the work I’ve done. Why are they wrong and you right???

Ben Coman, a prominent Pharoer, has volunteered to help with my programming competition (see He appreciates my effort.

David Buck, CEO of Simberon (a major Smalltalk house), also volunteered.

I have worked very, very hard on this competition in order to market Pharo. I’ve created this website just for it, written in Pharo:

I’ve created all kinds of promotional materials, including:

I’ve contacted hundreds of high schools across the country. I’ve contacted local news media organizations.

I’ve designed posters, T-shirts and trophies for the competition.

If my campaign is successful, Pharo (Smalltalk) will receive national attention for the very first time. I rather doubt this hurts the community.

I don’t want recognition, but a little gratitude would be appreciated, not criticism.

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