This is true. We probably can’t ever excise JavaScript from the web browser.

However, there are ways to avoid programming directly in JavaScript. You can use transpiled languages.

I’ve used Amber and PharoJS, and they’re both great!

If you don’t like Smalltalk, then you can look at:

  • Bridge.NET (C#)
  • Cheerp (C++)
  • ClojureScript (Clojure)
  • Dart
  • GopherJS (Go)
  • Haxe
  • JSweet (Java)
  • Kotlin
  • Opal (Ruby)
  • Scala.js (Scala)
  • Transcrypt (Python)

Just to name a few!

Transpiled languages used to be frowned upon, but this is no longer the case. TypeScript proves that transpiled languages are perfectly acceptable. (And before TypeScript, CoffeeScript used to be quite popular.)

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