“There is a reason why there are more need of developers with JavaScipt knowledge in the jobs market than ever and why JS is moving into other platforms like server, mobile, desktop and IoT.”

Yes, and the reason is because some in the JS community thought it was a good idea to put JS on the server-side, for example, because JS was such a common language available in all browsers. Why use two different languages, one for the client-side and one for the server-side, when you can just use one language everywhere? Never mind that JS is a design nightmare.

And many enterprises bought into this crap. Hence, the jobs.

Just look at how really, really, really weaselly JavaScript is:

Douglas Crockford had to write a book about the “Good Parts” to offset the negative perception stemming from the bad parts (which even Crockford said JS has more than its fair share of).

JS is a minefield of problems. This is why it’s universally condemned. So it’s coming to mobile? Not if Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) can help it. What mobiles were you thinking of?

JS is, indeed, spreading to other application domains. However, its success will be limited. In every one of those domains, there is a better language that rules, and I see no reason why JS should unseat them.

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