I’ve been blogging for over 20 years. I’ve written thousands upon thousands of posts consuming thousands upon thousands of hours. All of that training has honed my skills as a debater and fighter fighting for my point of view. I’ve offered my opinions on a wide range of matters to millions around the world.

At Medium, I’ve advocated for the Smalltalk programming language. I’ve railed against JavaScript. I’ve supported Golang (and Beego) and waded into the controversy over Go web frameworks and demonstrated Golang’s enormous popularity. I’ve tackled climate change and Buddhist meditation and gun control and terrorism and the end of civilization and timid Corolla drivers and near-death experience and the war between vi and Emacs. I’ve been vociferous and fearless and tenacious in my crusades.

And always I’ve fought the good fight. That’s because I have the heart of budo which has permeated my writer’s soul. I want to encourage you to write, too, to express your innermost thoughts, to develop your individual voice, to discard your inhibitions and fearlessly expose yourself to the world.

Medium is my weapon of choice (supported by Reddit and Hacker News). Technology is my battlefield. Writing is my life.

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