The “one programming language for everything” meme is one that I hear all the time from JavaScript fans. It’s really quite stupid considering what a horrible language JavaScript is. Not having to learn more than one programming language is very shortsighted and a most stupid excuse. Most programmers I know are polyglot.

There is no one language that is good for everything, even if you can force-fit JavaScript into the server side (Node), desktop (Electron), and mobile (React Native or PhoneGap). JavaScript is primarily for web programming, and this will never change.

Programmers are polyglot because they use the best tool for the job. In the enterprise, that language is Java. In the server side, languages include Java, Scala, and Go. In mobile, it’s Java (Android) and Objective-C/Swift (iOS). In games, it’s C# (Unity) and C++. In machine learning and data science, it’s Python and R. In numerical/scientific computing, it’s C++, Python, and Java. The list goes on and on.

Believing that JavaScript can be used for everything is nonsense and quite backward-thinking. Remember, JavaScript is a crap language. It’s only for web programming, and only because JavaScript is the native language of the web browser. What a poor excuse to use this language anywhere else!

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