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The NeverTrump Editorial at Medium

A few days ago, I installed the Medium app on my Android phone. It shows several tabs:

  • For you
  • News
  • Editor’s picks
  • First Person
  • Top stories

These are all reasonable items, though I find First Person rather odd. Do I really care about First Person stories?

However, I am totally puzzled by a tab labelled #NeverTrump. Where did this come from? Nowhere in my profile or setup for Medium have I ever specified an anti-Trump inclination. In fact, I’m a Trump supporter!

As best as I can figure out, #NeverTrump is an attempt by Medium to editorialize, to advance their own agenda (which apparently is to stop the Donald Trump juggernaut). Is this actually a reasonable thing for Medium to do, to take sides in a political controversy?

Shouldn’t Medium be completely neutral and objective?

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