That’s true, though I’ve always been puzzled by this. I’m not the brightest bulb in the room but I’ve never had any issue with learning and understanding Smalltalk’s image-based programming and live coding IDE. Sure, it’s a different way to write software than most developers are used to, but how does different make it hard? Methinks today’s younger programmers have too brittle a mind. They need to be more adaptable, more open-minded.

Smalltalk’s image allows you to save the execution state of your program. You can resume execution at any time. This is awfully convenient and powerful. How hard can it be to understand??? They may have never seen the likes of it in other programming languages, to which I say: “Get out of your bubble!”

Smalltalk’s live coding IDE is also awfully convenient and powerful. Imagine coding on-the-fly during program execution! Whoa, what a concept! It makes testing and debugging so much faster than in other languages. Other IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse have tried to emulate this, though rather clumsily. Nobody does it better than Smalltalk!

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