That’s nonsense. Yes, according to Douglas Crockford and Brendan Eich, JavaScript was “inspired” by Lisp, but in practice it’s nothing like Lisp:

  • Lisp’s central data structure is the list. JavaScript doesn’t have a list data type. JavaScript’s central data structure is the associative array, which often masquerades as some other data type.
  • Lisp is homoiconic, i.e., its code and its data have the same primary representation. JavaScript is not. Not even a little bit.
  • Lisp’s homoiconicity provides for a powerful macro system. JavaScript does not have macros.
  • JavaScript’s defining quality as a functional programming language is lambdas (first-class functions and closures). Lambdas do not make JavaScript Lisp-like, any more than C++, Java, Python, Haskell, and Smalltalk are Lisp-like.

JavaScript doesn’t even have immutability, at least, not without a special library. As a FP language, it’s something of a joke, as many in the FP community deny that JavaScript is a FP language.

In other words, even people who know FP well recognize that JavaScript is a crap language. You can’t accuse them of not knowing how to use JavaScript (or lambdas). There is nothing about JavaScript that makes it inscrutable to other developers.

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