That’s an exaggeration. JavaScript dominates in web development. It does not dominate anywhere else.

In mobile, Java and Objective-C/Swift utterly dominate.

In desktop, Java, C#, and C++ utterly dominate. I know you’ll bring up Electron, but the fact is, every year there are thousands of in-house desktop applications written by large corporations around the world, and I guarantee you they aren’t using Electron. Electron is best-known for consumer-facing desktop products such as Atom and Visual Studio Code, but such programs pale in number compared to the aforementioned corporate applications.

In the server space, Node is doing fairly well, but again most enterprises are using Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Go, and others.

In IoT, C, Python, Java, and even Perl are commonly used. To the extent that JavaScript is used, it is clearly playing second fiddle.

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