That doesn’t make any sense unless you are only used to C-style languages such as JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, C++, and Perl. There are many languages whose syntax is unlike C, including Python, Ruby, Delphi, Haskell, Clojure, and Lua. These languages don’t throw you off?

I’ve never had a problem remembering how to use Smalltalk. And I don’t use Smalltalk much; C is my main language. The reason is because there’s hardly any syntax to Smalltalk at all! It’s nearly all message sending: <object> <message>, where <message> can be unary, binary (infix), or keyword (taking on a parameter). That’s it.

Getting back to Smalltalk from C doesn’t take long at all. I would imagine there’s an equal gap between Python and Smalltalk, or Lua and Smalltalk. I used to be a bona fide FORTRAN guru in the 1980s, and this language could hardly be more different from Smalltalk.

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