Thank you for your well-considered response. You make a number of good points. Nevertheless, I’m afraid we shall have to agree to disagree. First off, every writer has his own individual style. Mine is probably “unusual,” shall we say? I foment discussion in my own way and it works.

You are correct that this article is opinionated. There’s a good reason for this: I am attempting to sound the warning bells about a danger I perceive. I believe JavaScript represents an imminent threat to the IT industry. I may be alone in believing this; I may be Sisyphus pushing up a rock. Nevertheless, I feel I must try to help avert disaster. Based on a groundswell of support from other readers, I am encouraged. Ultimately, what I am attempting is a public service, a civic duty if you will.

That I don’t “heckle” other technologies such as Ruby or ASP.NET or PHP (in particular) is totally understandable: they don’t represent an imminent threat. JavaScript is on an unbelievable trajectory with lots of momentum, and this is scary as shit (excuse my French).

The facts and citations I present may seem to be arbitrary and “one-sided,” but the truth is, I see this kind of IT journalism all the time. Who doesn’t do what I do at InfoWorld and eWeek and PC Magazine (John C. Dvorak is one of my favourite journalists and I sort of channel him)? I’m not doing anything that other writers don’t do and it would be disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

I could present anecdotes about how some teams or projects run into problems with JavaScript, but then someone would inevitably accuse me of using unscientific means to try to prove my thesis. “That’s only a couple of data points.” “That’s just anecdotal evidence.” “You’re overreaching with your conclusion.” Really, I can’t win.

Please forgive me if I presumed that your comment was an attempt to defend JavaScript. Clearly, I misread the tone of your response, though one could infer something from your background as “javascript developer & UX designer.”

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