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Why learn Pharo? Because it’s a wonderful modern variant of Smalltalk, one of the greatest programming languages in history.

Pharo is beautifully simple, elegant and easy to learn. Its complete syntax fits on a postcard!

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Pharo is purely object-oriented from top to bottom. There is no better way to understand object-oriented programming.

Pharo has a fantastic live coding IDE that allows you to inspect and modify the code and data in your program while it’s running! This practically eliminates the traditional edit-compile-test-debug cycle that has hampered developers for over half a century.

Being a Smalltalk, Pharo is thus the most productive general-purpose programming language in the world, according to Namcook Analytics. On average, twice as productive as JavaScript, C++, Go, Java, PHP, Python, and C#. And substantially more productive than Ruby.

Pharo’s metaprogramming capability is comparable to Lisp’s!

There has never been a better time to give Smalltalk a second look.

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