So let me get this straight: A man who was charged with rape and subsequently acquitted should face continuing condemnation for the remainder of his life? Once charged (and acquitted), he is forever stained?

Is there no possibility that the accuser might have had mental health issues leading to her suicide? Issues for which Parker is not responsible if indeed the sexual incident was consensual. (Whether or not it was truly consensual is only between her and her confessor. The courts have already made their judgment.)

It’s not as if women have never falsely accused men of rape, right? Women have been known to throw false accusations for all sorts of reasons. Women are not entitled to hold the moral high ground by virtue of their gender any more than men should be automatically demonized as sexual predators by virtue of their gender.

In other words, men and women should always be placed on equal footing. They’re both humans and as such, they are both capable of lies, deceit, and moral ambiguity.

I, for one, intend to give Parker the benefit of the doubt. Our society is too easily judgmental for all the wrong reasons.

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