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Smalltalk Programming Competition

I’ve been a staunch advocate of the Smalltalk programming language over the past four years. I believe it is one of the best-kept secrets in the IT industry. I would like to raise the language’s public profile by conducting a Smalltalk programming competition in Canada.

Here’s my GoFundMe campaign.

Imagine what this could do for Smalltalk. Thousands of high school kids across the country will hear about Smalltalk, probably for the first time. They’ll be excited at the prospects of winning a programming competition and getting a scholarship prize.

Many of these kids will spread the word to kids in other countries around the world, especially to friends and family outside of Canada. Perhaps this may spur similar Smalltalk programming competitions in other countries.

The winners of this competition will probably get some local media coverage (television, radio, newspaper). Parents will hear about it and start asking questions about Smalltalk.

Educators will be incentivized to examine this programming language more closely. They’ll learn that Smalltalk is a fabulous tool for teaching programming. Much easier and nicer than, say, Python or JavaScript. They may be inspired to include Smalltalk in their curriculums.

The network effect will be very significant. It could finally cause the resurgence of Smalltalk that fans of this language have been hoping for since its collapse in the late 1990s.

It would be a terrible shame if Smalltalk was forgotten, especially since it’s provably the most productive programming language in the world. Twice as productive as Java, Python, and JavaScript! Imagine the economic impact of this, especially for startups.

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