Smalltalk has been adapting. Pharo is a case in point.

Pharo is a modern variant of Smalltalk. It has been actively innovating for over a decade:

  • it has tremendous support for web development via Seaside, Teapot, and PharoJS
  • it’s usable for mobile development via PharoJS and Cordova/PhoneGap
  • it’s usable for data science via PolyMath and Roassal
  • it has a groundbreaking IDE in the Glamorous Toolkit
  • it has support for GitHub (and open source) via Iceberg
  • there’s nothing wrong with the Smalltalk image — in fact, it’s indistinguishable from using, say, Java in a Linux VirtualBox image (system virtualization is very common today)
  • Fuel is a way to serialize live objects, and for transporting your objects around
  • Oz allows one image to manipulate another one — very good for debugging an image that has crashed and is unable to open/load
  • Pharo Launcher lets you manage your Pharo images (launch, rename, copy and delete) and download image templates (i.e., zip archives) from many different sources to create new images from any template
  • performance is greatly improved via the 64-bit Spur/Cog VM and hotspot optimisation with Sista

Just to list the highlights.

However, your point about jobs is well-taken. I hope to change that through my advocacy.

FYI, Pharo enjoys considerable business usage: Pharo success stories. So the potential is certainly there.

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