Regardless of what languages are widely used, I would strongly suggest that your first programming language should be Smalltalk. Smalltalk is the perfect springboard for all the other languages. Let me explain…

Nearly ALL of today’s major industrial programming languages are object-oriented: Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, Perl (the only exception is C). All of these languages have their roots in Smalltalk, which is the finest implementation of object-oriented programming (OOP) in history. See my TechBeacon article, “How learning Smalltalk can make you a better developer.” Thus, it would be a sin not to know Smalltalk.

Moreover, Smalltalk is one of the very few instructional languages designed to teach programming to beginners. Why would you choose an industrial language as your first instructional language??? Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby…they all carry baggage that gets in the way of a beginner trying to learn programming.

After you’ve learned how to program using Smalltalk, you will then be well-prepared to tackle any of the aforementioned industrial languages. You’ll be able to pick them up with greater ease.

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