Python is probably the best language to start with. It’s friendly and easy to learn. It’s concise and very readable.

Python is extremely versatile. It’s used in many different areas, including web and desktop and data science and machine learning and numerical computing and the financial industry.

At, the Top 5 languages for job postings are:

  1. Java — 66,274 job postings
  2. Python — 53,891
  3. JavaScript — 36,876
  4. C++ — 34,020
  5. C# — 27,897

Python is taught to college freshmen in introductory programming courses. There are plenty of online learning resources for Python.

That said, I’m going to plug my favourite language: Smalltalk. Although it’s rather obscure compared to Python, Smalltalk is actually much easier to learn!

Moreover, Smalltalk is the very best way to learn object-oriented programming (OOP), the most widely used style of programming in the IT industry. Once you’ve learned Smalltalk programming, learning other OOP languages like Java and Python will be much easier.

For more information, read IT’s Dirty Little Secret. Here are some great resources:

I myself have published a whole bunch of Smalltalk tutorials. The latest ones are:

Good luck.

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