One of my readers once commented that he didn’t fully read my 3-minute article because it was TL;DR! WTF.

The truth is, most people these days have a very short attention span. They’re under high time pressure. Yes, if you have a really good, meaty article, you may overcome the 3-minute barrier. But not every article you write can be that good.

So my strategy is to keep my articles to within 3 minutes long. Each article makes one or two key points, and hammers them home. Short and sweet.

In my own Medium stats, I have found that these shorter articles tend to get close to 100% fully read. And that’s what it’s all about: getting my message out there any way I can.

Of course, I’ve written longer, meatier articles that have done well, too. But in general, my strategy works better for marketing/advocacy purposes (for example, and

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