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I’ve been a prolific blogger for only the past three years. So far, I’ve published 778 articles and responses, not including this one.

Most of my articles and responses have been read by very few readers (under 500). But a few have been spectacular successes for which I am most grateful and proud. Here are my greatest hits, as of today, July 3, 2017 (one minute to midnight):

  1. The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis, 105,100 views.
  2. How learning Smalltalk can make you a better developer, 56,000 views.
  3. The Three Worst Programming Languages, 43,300 views.
  4. The Fall of the House of Node, 36,000 views.
  5. JavaScript is a Dysfunctional Programming Language, 33,200 views.
  6. A Word from The Beegoist, 28,600 views.
  7. The Little Language That Could, 28,200 views.
  8. The Super Surrogates of JavaScript, 24,200 views.
  9. The Lie That Has Beguiled A Generation Of Developers, 22,600 views.
  10. Dart is Dead, 22,100 views.

I am absolutely ecstatic about the first two. For me, these numbers are stratospheric. Technical articles about programming very rarely elicit this kind of response.

Not surprisingly, JavaScript is a very popular subject. But who would’ve thought that a Smalltalk article would rise so high?

What do you make of this? Let me know in the comments.

And don’t forget to recommend this article. 😄

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