Meng Wanzhou and The Two Michaels

Things have escalated, but they needn’t have…

Everybody in the world knows that this whole thing was purely politically motivated. The legal case in the United States was a charade, a sham.

From the outset, the resolution was obvious: Justin Trudeau should’ve

  1. publicly conceded that the Meng Wanzhou situation was purely politically motivated, that the “rule of law” was a load of horse puckey
  2. negotiate with the Chinese to release the two Michaels in exchange for Meng Wanzhou, the sort of thing that used to be done in the Cold War with respect to the exchange of captured spies
  3. exercise his executive power to circumvent the judicial process and the extradition treaty (every national leader has this kind of executive power to be applied at their discretion; otherwise, they couldn’t function to manage national crises)

However, Justin Trudeau was, and still is, a gutless pretender of a national leader. He chose to genuflect, pander, prostrate to the Americans.

But it’s not too late for Trudeau to do the right thing. He can still follow the above steps. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will ever develop a backbone.

What an idiotic situation we got ourselves into. I don’t blame Trump for this. I blame Trudeau and Freeland for being gutless jellyfish…

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