Man, you’ve really drunk the Kool-Aid!

JavaScript is the dominant language for front-end web development. Nowhere else is it even close to dominant. Not server side with Node. Not mobile side with Cordova/PhoneGap. Not desktop side with Electron. Not in games with the Unity platform (as UnityScript). Not in robotics and Internet of Things. Not in numerical computing and data science. Wherever languages like Java, Python, C/C++, Perl, and Ruby play, JavaScript simply has not had much traction. The only reason JavaScript dominates is because it is the only language available for the web browser; web developers have no choice.

In most language rankings (such as TIOBE, IEEE Spectrum, PYPL, CodeEval, HackerRank, etc.), JavaScript is not even in the top four languages. Redmonk is the odd man out because it’s based on GitHub stats which overly represent JavaScript by virtue of how it counts languages.

Even in terms of jobs, when you examine the job postings at, Java far outnumbers JavaScript (by 50 per cent). There is no way that JavaScript will ever catch up to Java.

So in what sense is JavaScript the most important language today? Unless you think front-end web development is all there is to the IT industry.

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